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On May 23rd 2017 we received a call from someone, asking us to rescue a little kitten he had found. It had been abandoned by its mum and was left in the grounds of Son Chan-Hun Maternity clinic in Daegu. His cries were loud and pitiful and he was desperate for someone to help him. 

The caller asked us to take him and wanted for the kitten to receive the help he so very needed. The problem was that we had no space and no means to help another kitten.

KAPS shelter, especially in Spring, are always overflowing and struggling for space. But when we heard the kitten screaming so loudly we knew that we had to help. If we hadn't intervened then the kitten would be sent to the City Hall pound and very possibly euthanised. So, we decided to welcome one more to the shelter. We knew we had to make space in an already over-stretched shelter.



▲Picture of kitten the day we rescued him.

One of the volunteers decided to name him Yoda and while volunteering she fell in love with the kitten. Every time she volunteered, they would spend time together and it was clear that they were forming a strong bond.

Eventually she decided to adopt him. After finishing his 2nd round of vaccines he went home with her where they now live happily together.

She renamed him Man-Go and he now has his forever home. Even as a tiny kitten, he knew that he wanted a home and family and chose his owner.

We are so glad that we were able give him that first helping hand towards his forever home.

These are pictures of Mang-Go and Yeorum at his home taken few weeks after adoption.




KakaoTalk_20170809_211423754.jpg ▲Mang-Go and Yeorum

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