Letter from the Director

Dear friends of Korea Animal Protection Society (KAPS),


I am director of Korea Animal Protection Society, Jonga Choi.

It is likely you have found KAPS because you are compassionate and wish to aid the suffering animals we meet around ourselves.  

If I look back and reflect, I have always wanted to rescue and save every animal I saw in pain but resigned myself to the belief that the world would not change and therefore I decided I would not to give thought to suffering animals. As a youth, I thought I would prefer to avoid the difficult work of caring for animals.

However, fortune is a strange thing and I am now director of Korea Animal Protection Society. I live a life where I suffer daily at the misfortune of numerous animals but also see and feel happiness of the animals rescued and receiving KAPS’ care. 

The truth is, I perhaps I spend more of my time with animals than I do with people and the work is difficult and tiring. Though the joy animals provide is equally great.

Korea Animal Protection Society became the nation’s first not-for-profit animal protection society in 1991, authorised by the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry.

KAPS’ current efforts to improve the lives of suffering animals takes the form of animal abuse prevention, protecting abandoned animals and providing appropriate care.  We also work to conserve animals facing extinction. Ultimately, we wish to cultivate a caring and compassionate society beginning from the care and protection of our animals.   

KAPS’ core operation are our two limited-admission animal shelters in Daegu city. Animals at our shelters, baring severe illness coinciding with low possibility of recovery, are not euthanised.

KAPS’ total activities are as per below:

1.     Prioritise protection and welfare of suffering animals

2.     Promotion and education of animal welfare

3.     Publication of education materials on animal welfare and KAPS' newsletter

4.     Disease prevention and medical treatment for KAPS’ shelter populations

5.     Promote and educate on animal sterilisation to reduce feral and stray cat and dog populations

6.     Establish animal shelters

7.    Develop and maintain close ties and cooperate with international animal protection societies.

KAPS was established 28 years ago in 1991 and is amongst the nation’s first generation of not-for-profit animal protection societies and KAPS has been through many phases during these 28 years. It includes a period of contracture with the government to perform public animal pound services. Another included the construction of an animal shelter with the financial support of our sponsors. KAPS also closed following financial difficulties but succeeded in achieving resurrection shortly afterwards.

At the end of each of these complications and twists and turns, KAPS is here today and operating two animal shelters.

Has time has passed, general interest in animal welfare has spread widely but, in reality, as much the concern for animal’s wellbeing has increased, in equal measure, the movement to improve animal welfare reduces. KAPS’ founder and previous director Sonran Geum advocated animal welfare during the 1990s in the face of much criticism for promoting animal welfare during a time of financial hardship and the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

The status of animal welfare in South Korea changes and, whilst we still have a long road to travel, strengthening to animal law occurs in increments. Things I once considered impossible as a youth, are becoming reality and I express my gratitude and marvel at the persons whom have exerted themselves until now to strengthen animal law. Into the future, I ask you join myself in the effort to improve the lives of animals.

Our path towards animal welfare is long and progress slow but we are unremitting, and I hold belief we may one day live in harmony with animals. It is not hopeless to desire and work towards creating a good life not just for humans but animals too and to leave our children a place we can be proud of.

I thank all persons whom have aided KAPS in our efforts until now and request your continued support and contribution.


Yours sincerely,


Jonga Choi

KAPS Director