KAPS Shelters


Animal Shelter (1982 - 2015)

Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS) founder Son-Ran Geum established a first animal shelter in Daegu 1982. Son-Ran purchased a piece of land a short walking distance from Daemyong Station and began to accept sick and unwanted animals.


KAPS was founded in 1991 and at the time of moving the shelter animals to the new shelter, was home to 150 animals. The Daemyong shelter was closed in 2015 and all the animals were relocated to the new shelters.

Cat Shelter (2015 - present)

In Autumn 2015, we moved approximately 80 cats to a new indoor cat-only shelter. The shelter currently holds approximately 120 cats.


Our cat shelter has an open floor plan style, sectioned into rooms. 

KakaoTalk_20161109_174656411.jpg KakaoTalk_20161109_174656600.jpg

KakaoTalk_20161109_174657370.jpg KakaoTalk_20161109_174657589.jpg

KakaoTalk_20161109_174704986.jpg KakaoTalk_20161109_174702093.jpg

Click the following links for more images of our cat shelter Shelter Pictures with the cats(1) 

 Shelter pictures with the cats(2)

Dog Shelter(2015 -present)

Our dog shelter currently is home to approximately 19 dogs.  


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