Letter from the Founder


Over 35 years ago, I rescued a cat with a terrible skin condition from the drain. I could never have imagined this act would be the beginning of my life’s work. Whilst so many pet owners were discarding their cats and dogs for merely the reason they no longer wanted to be owners, I could not ignore the crisis and felt I needed to create a safe space for these animals. I could not ignore the cats or dogs that are abandoned merely because their owners no longer wanted them, and knowing the number of these animals was soaring, I started to feel the need to create a safe space for these animals.


I gathered all my savings, purchased a property nearby with a wide garden and filled it with unloved and sick animals. Caring for these animals alone was very burdensome and I often felt very alone and upset by how lacking we Korean people were in our care of animals. For a couple of years, I asked individuals, associations and government who could contribute to the protection of animals and eventually in February 1991 a number of people came together to establish the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry affiliated non-profit organisation Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS) and I became KAPS’s first president. The same year I petitioned the government to introduce animal protect laws and the eventual result was the enactment of laws nationwide.


Because I know a love for animals is a love of all living beings, and I believe firmly love of animals leads to loving of our fellow humans, and helping hurt animals is righteous work, I have dedicated all my time and energy to the welfare of animals. Even though it is difficult, I cannot give up and will not give up. And though there still remains many problems, KAPS has achieved many small successes and this leads me to believe that through gathering like-minded people who are equipped with honesty, love and faith, we can make a society where we live in harmony with animals.  For those who are interested in KAPS’s work and would like to participate, we invite you to become a member. We encourage you to promote the love of animals to the people around you, make aware the importance of animal welfare to the government and write letters to encourage an end to animal cruelty. Lastly, myself and I are forever thankful for donations that allow KAPS to continue our work in animal welfare and keep open the animal shelters.



Korean Animal Protection Society former director

Son-Ran Geum


September 11th, 2005