Thank you for your interest in adopting one of the kittens.

Your responses to these questions are confidential and the answers will just help ascertain that the cat is as much a match for you as you are for him/her.




1.Your Name:            


2.Phone Number(s):    


3.Mailing address:


4.E-mail address:


5.Date of Application:




1. Are you currently employed?



2. What is the longest amount of time the cat would have to spend alone?



3. What kind of housing do you have?



4. Is your housing situation likely to change?



5.If so what provisions will you make to ensure that your pet can move with you?



General Information


1. Do you have a vet who you currently use?


2. If not: Is there a vet you are planning on using? Please provide details.



3.How much time and thought have you put into adopting a pet? Please say what has motivated you to look for a cat.




5. How long have you been in Korea?



6. How long do you plan to stay in Korea?



7. What will you do with your pet when you leave? Do you have travel planned?



8. What country are you from?



9. What rules are there surrounding importing a cat to your country?


10. Do you have somewhere for you and your pet to stay when you get home?  If you are staying with friends/family are they in agreement to the pet staying with them?



11. How do you plan on transporting them home?



12. What cost do you estimate travelling home will cost?



13. What is the maximum you would spend on transportation?




14. Are you adopting this pet alone? If with someone else please provide details. Who?


-Who will have main responsibility of this pet?



15. Have you had pets in the past during your adult life?  If yes, what has become of them?

16. Do any of your family either here in Korea or back home have allergies to cats?




1. Family members

Who lives at home? Adults -  Children-  Children’s ages-


2.Any visiting children?          Yes      No     If yes, ages-


Frequency of visits:  Daily     Weekly             Monthly        Annually


3.- Is the number of people in your household likely to change in the future?


- If so, how will this affect the future of the adopted animal?


4.If you are planning children in the future how will you prepare your cat for this?


5.Are all members in your household in agreement about adopting he/she?


6. Is anyone in your home allergic to animals?


Your home


- What type of dwelling do you live in? (villa, apartment, etc)



- Does your landlord allow pets?



-What will you do if your neighbours object to your pet?



- Where will you keep your pet while you are out of the home?          

At night?


- Will this pet live outdoors, indoors, or both in Korea?


-If you relocate will this pet live outdoors, indoors, or both?


You and your cat



1.What grooming schedule do you think your cat will require?




2.How much time do you think that you will be able to dedicate overall to your cat a day?


5. How important is it for you to get your cat  spayed/neutered? Why?


6. How much would you be willing to spend on spaying/neutering?


7.How much time do you intend to spend with your pet?


8. Where will your pet sleep?




If your pet displays any of the following behaviours please state how you plan to train them out of it.


1. Biting-


2. Scratching people-


3. Scratching the furniture-


4. Chewing cables-


5. Loneliness-


6. Marking-



. Other pets

1.Do you own other cats? Yes No If yes, please state gender and age.


2. Are they neutered? Yes No


If no, is there any particular reason?

(We may require a Veterinarian's certificate or statement.)


3.  Have they been vaccinated within the last year? Yes No

If no, why?

(We may request vaccination certificates or statements.)


4.How long have you owned these pets?



5.Do you own other pets? Cats Rodents Pet birds Other, please state:



6.Do you have any visiting animals (e.g. family/friends’ cats and dogs)? If so, please give details: 



7. How do you plan to introduce the new animal to your existing pet(s)? Give details.


8. If the animals do not get on initially how do you plan on helping them adjust to one another?


9. If the animals fight what provisions do you have for separating them?



10.How long are you willing to allow for an adjustment period with other pets?



Life With Your Companion



1. Other than food and water, what are the 5 most important things a pet needs?



2. Are you familiar with the particular needs of the breed/ species you are interested in? How will you work towards accommodating these needs?


3.Do you plan to declaw him or her?


4. What circumstances would lead to you declawing?



5. What kind of food do you plan to feed this pet?





6. Do you expect to leave your cat alone at home? Please give estimates based on your current schedule.


Morning hours:

 Afternoon hours:


Evening hours How often?



 7. Are there any animal behaviours you will not tolerate in general?


8.. How will you train / condition your pet to avoid these circumstances?



9. How long are you willing to spend training your pet to prevent this behaviour?



10. Is there any behaviour which you are unwilling to tolerate immediately?


11. Have you had previous experience training this type of pet?


- If no, what research have you done?


- If you have previous training which methods did you use?



Your ideal cat. What is important to you? Please delete as necessary.


1.Be good with cats:  Very important            important                     Not important


2.Like cats: Very important    important        Not important



3.Be comfortable around children: Very important           important      Not important


4.Like strangers: Very important  important Not important


5.Be housetrained: Very important  important Not important


6.Enjoy being picked up/petted: Very important  important Not important

Like travelling in the car Very important  important Not important




1.Please indicate how much you feel it will cost to feed your pet each month.


2. Please indicate how much you think it will cost to equip your pet over the next few months (tags, bedding, toys, treats).


3. How much have you budgeted for basic veterinary care per year?  Please consider annual check-ups, dental care, vaccinations, and preventative medicine.


4.How much will it cost to travel with your pet to your home country? Please explain how you have come to that figure.




The Future



1. If you go on vacation or move what arrangements will you make for your companion?


2. Are you prepared to commit to this pet for his/her entire lifetime, potentially up to 15 years or more?


3. Are you prepared to make all travel arrangements required to return to your home country together with your companion?


4. What circumstances would make you rehome your animal?


5.What measures will you take if there is a problem with taking your cat back to your country? For example heat embargo, unable to fly in cabin etc.



What attracts you to this particular cat?


1. Would you be willing to provide occasional updates (emails and/or photos) as to how the animal is adapting to life with you?


 2. Is there any other information you would like to provide?


3.If this adoption doesn't work out would you be willing to bring the animal back at your own expense?





Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this application. We sincerely hope it helps to ensure the happiness of both you and the animal by making the best match possible.

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